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The Hurriers are reminiscent of punk heavyweights The Clash and The Jam, there hasn’t been a group writing catchy protest songs like this in a long time.


A glorious debut of traditional rock and blues, the 42-minute album’s imbued with a punk attitude and raw, honest and intelligent lyrics that bristle with anger, hope and inspiration. A must-buy.

Morning Star,-hope-and-inspiration-from-Barnsleys-best#.VVi2_MJFDIU

Friends of mine are always asking me, why aren’t there any bands writing songs about social issues and the politics of today? In the future I’ll be directing them towards The Hurriers.

Steve Lamcq-BBC6 Music Recommends

There’s certainly always room for such an energetic, political band as The Hurriers and From Acorns Mighty Oaks is an outstanding debut and in many ways a breath of fresh air in the current music scene.

Louder Than War

Things were looking lost but along comes this powerful, positive and political musical tract and boy do we need it right now! The Hurriers make a real case for change laid out in some passionate lyrics and music. Recommended

Jumbo Records

A soundtrack to a 21st century fightback against austerity and its architects. At the vanguard of a renaissance of political/protest music. Irresistible, air punching, singalong classics. Politically spot on and music to move you – a brilliant combination.

Four Dogs Music

Not since the 90s have we had a left-wing band with a sound so ripe with message that they stand chance of crossing over to the mainstream. That is down to the strength of the songs – The Hurriers’ manifesto is as catchy as hell.

Alternative Barnsley

Whether you’re from Yorkshire or not, or indeed into ‘political’ music, this collection of feverish songs has potential to stick in your head long after you’ve finished listening and is deserves your attention.


On this new album, The Hurriers have delivered a shot across the bow of the bankers, corporate fat cats, and the politicians that they own, that the people will not be denied justice. From Acorns Mighty Oaks is a triumph and can be an inspiration for all groups aspiring to combine political commitment with an unerring ear for a melodic hook. In sum, get this album as soon as you can!

The Rainbow Hub


“Hugely promising new band. At the vanguard of a renaissance of political/protest music. Irresistible,air-punching; sing-along classics.”

-Louder than war

“There was only one band i was going to put on a Left Field to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the miner’s strike and that was The Hurriers!”

-Billy Bragg

“For me the stand-out performers of the weekend (At Glastonbury) included Barnsley’s The Hurriers.”

-Attila The Stockbroker

“The Hurriers are singing about things that really matter to working class people. Powerful messages conveyed in a mixture of Punk, SKA and Indie.”

-Live in Barnsley

“Real political messages linking the struggles of the working class at Orgreave and beyond with the real lives of people in the 21st century.”

-Musicport Festival

“We welcome the fantastic support from The Hurriers who capture the true spirit of struggle through their music”

-Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

“The Hurriers have worked very hard to support the cause of the miners and the working class”

-National Union of Mineworkers.


The Hurriers photo © Mark Tighe


‘From Acorns Mighty Oaks’. Buy it now click here